“The essence of a good leader is seeing the iceberg before it hits the titanic.”

Seja um Executador

É tão engraçado quando ouço sobre pessoas protegendo tanto suas idéias. (Pessoas que querem que eu assine um contrato de sigilo antes de me contar a mais simples das idéias).

Para mim, idéias não valem nada até serem executadas. São apenas multiplicadores. Execução vale milhões.


Idéia Péssima = -1
Idéia Fraca = 1
Idéia mais ou menos = 5
Boa Idéia = 10
Grande Idéia = 15
Brilhante Idéia = 20
Nenhuma execução = $1
Execução Fraca = $1.000
Execução mais ou menos = $10.000
Boa Execução = $100.000
Grande Execução = $1.000.000
Brilhante Execução = $10.000.000
Para fazer negócios, você precisa multiplicar os dois.

A idéia mais brilhante, sem nenhuma execução, vale $20. A idéia mais brilhante necessita de grande execução para valer $20.000.000.

Esse é o motivo porque não quero ouvir idéias de outras pessoas. Não estou interessado até ver suas execuções.

—Derek Sivers, presidente e programador, CD Baby e HostBaby


"Innovation requires courage."

— Susan Piver. Watch the talk.

“I don’t want input, I don’t want you to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, heavens forbid. But I write a scene, and I think I’ve heard it as much as I can, but then when I read it to you … I hear it through your ears, and it lets me know I’m on the right track.”

the(passionfordesign)draft turned 4 today!

“(…) But data analytics will never be a substitute for design intuition. Data can help you make a good design great, but it will never made a bad design good.
[Data] don’t mean anything if you don’t understand something much more fundamental. You have to understand who you are designing for.”
“Design should not dominate things. Not dominate people. It should help people.”
— Dieter Rams (via dieterrams)

when ‘teammates’ display passive aggressive behaviour and exclusiveness.



It makes the workplace hostile.


Designers often believe: a design that is the same everywhere is automatically better than a design that isn’t. Not true! Consistency has a function. So today we will learn about:

Consistency & Expectations

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Consistency is the idea…

“If you want something, you don’t wait for the world to deal it out for you. You take it.”
— Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls (via observando)
“Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.”
— Dana Chisnell (via sprmario)

“Ask Good Questions
There’s never been a better time to know your market. Your customers leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs with every click, tweet, vote, like, share, check-in, and purchase, from the first time they hear about you until the day they leave you forever, whether they’re online or off. If you know how to collect those breadcrumbs, you have unprecedented insight into their needs, their quirks, and their lives.
This insight is forever changing what it means to be a business leader. Once, a leader convinced others to act in the absence of information.Today, there’s simply too much information available. We don’t need to guess — we need to know where to focus. We need a disciplined approach to growth that identifies, quantifies, and overcomes risk every step of the way. Today’s leader doesn’t have all the answers. Instead, today’s leader knows what questions to ask. Go forth and ask good questions.”
— Lean Analytics